Cloud Accounting Testimonials

Boyd HR

As an Owner/Director it is essential to have a full understanding of and real-time information on the financial performance of your Business. Previously I had to wait and get a set of year end accounts months after the end of the financial year. This was akin to reversing down a mountain using the rare view mirror. Today, thanks to Paul Carr and his dedicated team in Smart Accounting Ireland, I can run my business from anywhere. I have real-time information at my fingertips. My Aged Debtors has reduced dramatically resulting in improved cash flow and peace of mind. I can vouch for Paul and his Team of Professionals and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to any Business Owner.

Michael Boyd, Boyd HR


Tobar Segais

The team at Smart Accounting Ireland are extremely professional and efficient at the service they provide. Over the past 3 years, my company has increased our turnover by a factor of 5 using the services and tools that they provide. They have always been available to provide advice or guidance on financial or tax queries. Tobar Segais Ltd. are delighted to highly recommend Smart Accounting Ireland as an accounting partner for any business requiring their service.

Charlie Kerr
Managing Director of Tobar Segais Ltd.


Express Deliveries LTD. For DHL

I was introduced to Xero Accounting and Receipt Bank by Paul Carr in 2018 and I cannot speak highly enough of the simplicity of service they provide. With the real-time bank account sync functionality, it’s ease of use and mobility has allowed me to keep on top of my business accounts. It helps me track bills payable, it has reduced my fees and it allows me to manage my debtors efficiently.

Thomas Crossan
Express Deliveries Ltd., agents for DHL in Donegal.